It’s not that complicated

“Return to your own house, and tell what great things God has done for you.” – Luke 8:39

These words to the man delivered of a legion of demons are the essence of Christian evangelism. I am struck by the personal and pure nature of what Jesus told the man. “Return to your own house,” your own people, those closest to you. Share the simple story of what Christ has done for you. You may not know theology or hermeneutics, but you ARE an expert on what God has done for you.

I’m also struck by what Jesus didn’t tell the man. He didn’t say, “Start your own international deliverance ministry,” or “Condemn those who are still full of demons.” I’m amazed at how complicated and expensive and outrageous our efforts to share the good news have become.

Maybe a few are called to the international ministry. Most are not. Maybe some are called to be missionaries, but many are not. Of all the Christians in the early church, there was only one Paul. Sadly, for the majority of us who are not Paul, we do nothing…except maybe avoid like the plague those who are still bound. Imagine what would happen if everyone who has been delivered by the hand of Jesus simply returned to those closest to them and told “what great things God has done.”

It doesn’t cost anything, it’s by far the most effective way to reach people, and we might just change the world.

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