American Idol or idle Americans?

Imagine the simple image of a glass, full of liquid (it can be any liquid you like…and some like stronger liquids than others.). What happens when you try to add more liquid to that already full container? Obviously, it overflows. A glass full to the rim does not have room for more.

Now think in terms of our hearts and minds. We all would like more of God, more communion with Him, more of His Holy Spirit (at least I hope we do). But for most of us, our glass is already so full there is no room for God. Our minds are so full of entertainment there is no room for His voice. Our hearts are so full of possessions there is no room for His leading. Our time, our attention, our focus are maxed out, and probably even beyond capacity.

No wonder we have traded relationship with a living God for a dry set of religious rules and dogmas. Rules require no thought from our overtaxed minds. Rules don’t require us to slow down and hear God for ourselves. Instead we let others decide what we should do and we blindly follow.

What’s the answer? Space. Allowing God to empty our glass so He can fill it. Might it require a change in lifestyle? Probably. We cannot have it both ways.

Start simply. It begins with deciding what’s most important: God or things. Is His way better than mine? Are the things He would place in my glass better than what I’ve placed there? Make a simple choice to slow down. Turn off the television for an hour, turn off the radio in the car sometime and let Him speak to you. He will, and you’ll be surprised at what He’ll say when you give Him the space to say it.

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