Me and my many lovers

“Their sorrows shall be multiplied who hasten after another god…” – Psalm 16:4

This is the source of much of our sorrow, much of our trouble. We tend to blame Satan, but generally we can simply look in the mirror. The culprits are many: money, power, sex, comfort, entertainment…even ourselves. To follow after any other god in our lives always leads to sorrow.

So why do we follow? Why did Israel follow? Even after they had seen the stinking Red Sea parted, they soon followed after other gods. But after all we’ve seen from God, don’t we do the same? I guess it’s our fallen nature, a desire born in Eden that looks for our own way, our own power, our own pleasure instead of God’s.

If there’s sorrow in your life, check who – or what – you’ve been worshiping.

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