We all die, it’s just a question of how

My wife recently took a quiz called “Are You Adventurous?”. She answered 18 or 20 questions designed to probe her mind and determine if she was a risk-taker or a lover of security. What was interesting to me as I watched her answer the questions were the contradictions that surfaced. She considers herself someone who “dives right in”, yet she is also someone who values the security of a regular paycheck versus the potential payoff of entrepreneurship.

Truly, we are all full of contradictions. We say we want to walk on the water, while we cling tightly to the side of the boat. We say we want more of God while we continue to fill our eyes, ears, minds, and hearts with everything but Him.

The truth is that the world is changed by uncompromising men. Those single minded few who set out on a path and will not waver. The rest of us wander through life, wanting our cake and eating it too. We are stifled by our contradictions, wondering why we are so disappointed with our lives.

The first step is obvious: decide what you really want. I think someone has called it “starting with the end in mind.” What is your calling, your passion? For once be honest with yourself and admit what you’ve been afraid to say. When the end is clear, the contradictions will begin to surface, the fears will begin to stand out. Let God deal with those doubts, those fears and limiting attitudes that have held you back. Decide to let the outcome determine the actions, not the other way around.

Remember…the world is changed by uncompromising men.

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