I’m scared to death

What’s the thing that scares you most? That thing you know you are supposed to do, yet you’ll do anything to avoid it. If you are looking for God’s will in your life, that’s where you’ll likely find it.

The Bible is full of those who were afraid of what God had called them to do, even to the point of running away. I think the lesson we can take away from the likes of Jonah is that we can’t escape our calling or our destiny. By running away we only increase the pain (both for ourselves and others), and waste valuable years of our lives.

Could it be that you’ve constructed your entire day simply to avoid that thing you know you should do? Could it be you’ve constructed your entire life out of fear? Think about that for a moment! There are those whose whole lives are an elaborate evasion of their God-given mission.

Is that you? If so, remember: you can’t escape your calling, only prolong the process. Don’t waste a single day longer on avoidance and fear and regret. The days and years add up before you know it.

Use the comments feature if you’d like to discuss. Or you can email me directly at iBelieveDave@me.com. I’m always open for questions, comments, and discussion.

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