You get the best of both worlds

It used to be called “having your cake and eating it too.” Americans seem to think it is our birthright. We want to indulge ourselves in dysfunctional behavior without limit, then not have to pay the consequences of that behavior.

Sadly, most American Christians (me included) think the best of both worlds is within their grasp as well.

  • We think we can indulge in materialism and still serve the God who said, “do not covet.”
  • We think we can immerse ourselves in entertainment and still serve the God who said, “do not love the world.”
  • We think we can follow a culture dedicated to personal fulfillment and still serve a God who said, “deny yourself and take up your cross.”
  • We think we can condemn and ostracize those we consider to be sinners while following the one who said, “do not judge” and “blessed are the merciful.”
  • We think we can live lives of indistinguishable mediocrity and still follow Him who said, “Be separate.”

He loves the poor, we have forgotten them.
He warned the rich, we have sucked up to them.
He criticized the Pharisees, we have become them.

There is One who said, “You cannot serve two masters.” Unfortunately for the American church, He meant it. We had better realize that before it’s too late.

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