Out of options

In John 5, Jesus saw a sick man laying by the pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem.  The story says that an angel would sometimes stir the water, and the first one in when this happened would be healed.  For 38 years this man had laid by that pool.  But every time the water was stirred, he had no one to help him into the water, and someone else received the healing.  38 years of hope.  38 years of disappointment.

I have wondered, with perhaps hundreds of sick and lame people laying around that pool, why Jesus chose that man.  Everyone needed healing, so why did Jesus single him out?

I believe it is because the man was out of options.  He had no other way to be healed.  He had no one to help him into the water.  He had nowhere else to go.

And so it is with us.  I believe we are never closer to God’s heart than when we are completely out of options.

So often I am hedging my bets.  I’m trusting in God, but I’m making plans.  I’m hoping He’ll answer, but I have a contingency in place just in case.  Too often I’m hanging on to my options.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t received what I’m looking for.  Maybe that’s why I’m not where I should be.  Maybe that’s why God hasn’t singled me out of the crowd of sick people.

I have too many other options.

  1. #1 by Dana Jo on December 3, 2010 - 8:53 AM

    Thanks, Dave .. God is teaching me that at the end of myself is exactly where He wants me .. and then, .. look out! He provided incredible restoration and reconciliation over the Thanksgiving holidays and receives all the Glory!

    • #2 by Dave Kirby on December 3, 2010 - 1:21 PM

      Great to hear Dana. “end of myself” is a scary place to be. I’ve been there a lot myself over the last few words.

  2. #3 by Lee Geysbeek on December 4, 2010 - 2:29 PM

    I with ya on this one brother! It does seem to easy to be dependant on all the trappings of our seemingly self sufficient life. What would happen if we dreamed big enough to be out of options or simplified our lives and gave more away so as to not hedge the bets…easy words for me, tough to apply and live. Thanks for the continued stretch!

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