It’s just not fair!

“This day is a day of trouble and rebuke and blasphemy; for the children have come to birth, but there is no strength to bring them forth.”    Isaiah 37:3

King Hezekiah had wholeheartedly served the Lord like no king had before him.  He had destroyed the pagan altars and rid the land of idols.  He had repaired the temple and instituted true worship.  If anyone had a right to expect good things from God, it was Hezekiah.

Yet here he was.  Thugs sent by the king of Assyria were outside the gates casting insults his way.  His people were feeling the pain of the siege and beginning to lose heart, and Hezekiah was questioning why this was happening.  “I’ve done all this good for you.  I’ve been obedient to every word you have said, and look what’s happening!”  You can hear the desperation in the king’s pleading cry to God.

Sound familiar?

You’ve faithfully served, yet here you are staring death and defeat in the face.  The enemy’s taunts and accusations are flying, and you are beginning to lose heart. Yet God’s reply to Hezekiah in verses 21-22 is the same for you today:

“Because you have prayed to Me…this is the word which the LORD has spoken…”

The words that followed were a promise of victory, the promise of a God who defeated Hezekiah’s enemies without a single sword being lifted.  It’s the promise of a God who rushes to help those who trust in Him.

I can’t promise what that victory will look like.  Most likely it will come in a way you didn’t expect.  I can’t promise you’ll be instantly healed or set free.  But I can promise this:  The God who won the victory for Hezekiah isn’t shaken by the mocking voices of your enemies, He’s not intimidated by their threats, and He’s not lost His power to save those who trust in Him.

Thus says the Lord, “Hang on!”

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