What does desperate look like?

I heard a worship song the other day, and one of the lines in the song caught my ear.  I think it’s a song by Michael W. Smith and the line goes like this:

And I, I’m desperate for you.

It was just one sentence, but it really sparked a thought in me.  Actually it was more of a question.  What does desperate look like?  That question has been rolling around in my mind for weeks now.  What would it look like if I really were desperate for God?

How would my life change?  How would my desires change?  How would the way I spend my time, my money, and my attention change?

The fact is, no matter how many times we may have sung that song in church, most of us are not really desperate for God.  I’m looking in the mirror and what I see reflected back is not a desperate man.  At least not enough to let it interrupt our lives or our plans.  We are not desperate enough for God to take us out of our comfort zone or our status quo.

The dictionary defines desperate as “utterly reckless or risky.”  How many of us are living lives of reckless pursuit of God?  How many of us are really willing to risk what we have, or even who we are, in pursuit of His glory in our lives?

So what does desperate look like? 

Just off the top of my head, here are a few things that might change in my life if I were truly “desperate for God”:

I’d be less concerned about my own needs.  A desperate man doesn’t cling too tightly to anything.  He’s willing to sacrifice anything to get what he needs.  A desperate man isn’t really concerned with his own safety or security.  He’s willing to go anywhere and do anything to achieve his goal.

I’d  be less worried about obstacles and difficulties.   A desperate man is on an all-out quest, and he’ll let nothing stand in his way.  He’ll run through walls if he must to get where he’s going.

I’d spend my time and attention differently.  A desperate man usually doesn’t sit on the couch vegging out, he leaves that for hopeless men.  He doesn’t seem to notice the distractions around him.  His focus is clear, his intensity is razor sharp.

Most churches don’t really teach desperation these days.  It’s more about having my needs met.  It’s more about finding programs that fit my family’s lifestyle.  Desperate people don’t build big buildings.  They’re too busy with more dire times and urgent needs.

I admit, I have a long way to go, but I guess you could say I’m desperate to be desperate.  I want to abandon all for the call of the cross.  I want to give all in care for the poor and needy.  I want to forsake all for the glory of God.  And I guess desire is the first step toward desperation.  Or maybe it’s surrender.

What would desperate look like for you?

  1. #1 by Lorraine on June 26, 2011 - 11:33 PM

    Are you reading my mind?…Desperate for desperate – Yup, I’m there – been there for a long time; reading and re-reading Tozer’s Pursuit of God fuels this for me – and even though I get down in the dumps pretty often over this longing for God/desperation for desperate for God business, He is so gracious and loving to lift me from the pit and give me hope. I’m hopful that God is stiring up the Body to be desperately in love with Christ, more and more as the time comes for Him to claim His bride – I want to be in that number! Thank you again for your posts!

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