7 reasons

Change must happen, and it must happen now.  Why?

1.  It must happen because the world is careening toward destruction.  Lawlessness and sin are on the increase, and the church has been powerless to stem the tide.  Because millions die each day, entering into a Christ-less eternity of death and suffering, and the blood of their punishment is on our hands because of our failure to warn them.

2.  It must happen because children are digging in garbage dumps for food and billions suffer from malnutrition while the western church lives in luxury and ease.  Their cries can no longer be ignored.  We cannot hide our eyes any longer to the suffering, starvation, genocide, oppression, death and sorrow that infects the vast majority of the world’s population.

3.  It must happen because the disintegration of the family, abuse and isolation are completely destroying a generation of children.  Our world is reaping the morbid results of our selfishness and those results have reached crisis proportions.  Society and culture are crumbling while the church has largely ignored the destruction around us.

4.  It must happen because greed and materialism are sucking the life and power from the church, from our families and from our hearts, and God is sorrowful and angered over the utter helplessness and cold-heartedness of His people toward the suffering of the world.

5.  It must happen because God’s righteousness, mercy and love demand it.  The church is to be His instrument to demonstrate His mercy on the lost, His love for the sinner, and an example of His righteousness.  God has chosen His church to be the ambassadors of His love to a dying world.  Through His death He purchased a people to be separated to Himself, and He deserves the just reward of His suffering.

6.  It must happen because “business as usual” is a failed model with failed results.  We have for too long relied on methods that long ago ceased to be effective.  We have based our methods, not on true apostolic faith, but on a corrupted religion based on the works of man and not of God, a religion that has been doomed to fail since its inception.

7.  It must happen because our eyes have been opened and our hearts have been broken.  We can no longer fool ourselves into thinking we can look the other way without consequences.  We can do nothing else.

  1. #1 by internet elias on September 27, 2011 - 7:32 AM

    “It must happen because our eyes have been opened and our hearts have been broken.’

    I don’t speak what I know to be true because I know they can’t ‘hear’ apart from their ‘eyes being opened and their hearts broken’ by Christ…as was mine. In my case, I am compelled to ‘do’ it…rather than speak it. God is trying to shut my mouth so the other parts of my body have energy for work….lol. I love our churches and their people. Never went to one I didn’t like. I go with Christ in my heart and on my mind. And as I see the incredible apostasy in the established ‘c’ church, I see it, too, in me. My joy in finding your site is the knowing that Christ is preparing us, making us strong, for the days of trouble that are surely here. The desire of my heart is to come to a place in Christ that when I reach forth my hand in service to both the lovely and the unlovely… they feel His touch….His presence. The Christ that heals the sick and casts out devils is alive and well. But we kicked Him out of much of “c” church which has accomplished 2ti 3:5 …’Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.’ Surely…words to live by.

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