The pursuit of a Father

I had a fight with my son today. He was pushing my buttons and getting me agitated. Finally he said something mildly disrespectful and I blew a gasket! I went to my office and fumed, he went to his bedroom and cried.

As I sat in my office and cooled down I waited for him to come and apologize. That apology never came. Little by little we got back to our routine, made a few jokes, and it was all ok. Later, I told him I was sorry for getting so mad, and that’s when I finally got my apology.

As I sit on a flight to California I’m thinking about that fight, and how I waited for an apology that never came. I’m thinking about how many times my Father has waited for apologies from me. I’m sure I’ve been far more selfish than I even know. Yet, even though my apology doesn’t come, He pursues me.

And I realize, just like my son, my sorrow always comes as a result of my Father’s love. His pursuit, His love always comes first. Even though it’s all my fault (God doesn’t blow gaskets) still He pursues me, and I come to repentance in response to that love. Then we talk, we share, and we’re back to our routine.

Aren’t you glad for a Father who pursues us with His love?

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