The two sides of creativity

Creativity is the essence of God.  All that exists, from the tiniest of microbes to the vast expanses of yet unexplored space, was conceived and fashioned by an infinitely creative Father.  And as those created in His image, God has placed that same spark of creativity in all of us.  It may manifest itself in different ways – whether the arts, business, relationships, or whatever – but we all bear the imprint of a highly creative God.

As I consider this concept, I have realized there are actually two components of creativity, two sides of the same coin : the idea and the action.  One without the other is not creativity in its fullest sense.  Ideas are wonderful but they are pointless without executing them.  The greatest of novels inspires no one while it remains unwritten.  The most beautiful of paintings brings no joy until it is put on canvas.

Execution is where most of us fail.  We have an idea, yet we don’t move.  We are inspired with creativity, but we don’t put it into motion.  Why?  Most of the time it’s fear.  I talked about this in a previous post.  It’s amazing the lengths to which we will go to avoid following our calling.  For some of us, just about every decision we’ve ever made has been in an effort to avoid what we know we are supposed to be doing.

Maybe you’re thinking right now about that thing, and it scares you to death.  It’s haunted you every day of your life.

But it’s one thing to know our calling, our idea, our destiny, and another thing to do it.  You see, ideas alone don’t take courage, sacrifice or vulnerability.  Ideas don’t force us to change our priorities.  Ideas don’t call us out on a limb or to exercise faith.  Action does, and that’s probably why we spend our whole lives running.

What if you stopped running today?  What if you faced your calling and submitted to it?  What if you stopped letting fear run your life and started putting that idea into action?  Maybe it will fail.  I cannot promise it won’t.  But at least you’ll know the thrill of following your passion.  At least you’ll know what it’s like for the intrepid few who leave their fears behind and pursue that creative dream placed in the deepest part of their soul by their Creator.  At least you’ll know what it’s like to really live.

The world is not changed merely by ideas, but by those with the courage and faith to step out on that limb and act upon them.

  1. #1 by The Day Satan Called on April 8, 2011 - 6:18 PM

    Great word bro.

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